After a hiatus of a few years, MIX NYC is back with monthly screenings that are dedicated to creating a cultural community where contemporary queer experimental filmmakers can exhibit and garner support for their work.

Join us at the Film-Makers’ Cooperative on THURSDAY, MAY 23rd, at 7pm, for the first in a series of screenings, happening at various locations around New York City, marking the return of MIX NYC: The New York Queer Experimental Film Festival!

**MIX will be accepting donations at this event.**


  1. Oblivion (1968), Tom Chomont, 16mm, color, silent, 4 minutes (played at MIX in 1987)
  2. Lift Off (1998), Martha Colburn, 16mm, color, sound, 3 minutes (premiered at MIX in 1998)
  3. Black & White Study (1990), Peter Cramer, 16mm, black-and-white, silent, 8 minutes (premiered at MIX in 1990)
  4. All Women Are Equal (1972), Marguerite Paris, 16mm, black-and-white, sound, 15 minutes (played at MIX in 1988)

Total Run Time: 30 minutes.

MIX NYC is the longest-running queer film festival in New York City. Established in 1987, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, by Jim Hubbard and Sarah Schulman, this DIY festival was organized in response to experimental film venues in New York City not programming contemporary work by LBGTQ+ filmmakers. As the nonprofit home of the annual New York Queer Experimental Film Festival and the ACT UP Oral History Project, MIX NYC has featured early works by filmmakers such as Christine VachonTodd Haynes, Isaac JulienThomas Allen HarrisBarbara HammerJuan Carlos ZaldivarJonathan CaouetteJennie LivingstonGus Van Sant, and Matthew Mishory.