These defiant, dysfunctional, deviant heroes show unapologetic displays of camp, gender anarchy, bodily fluids and boundary bashing. It’s a tsunami of expression, releasing frustration against the co-optation of queer, crashing down the walls of static identities. They’re not easy films to watch, but as this program builds, the tensions evoked by these films will be released through a calling down of collective catharsis in a live urban primitive ritual.

Curated by the Festival Programming Committee. TRT: 58 min.

November 20, 2009


Nica Ross

2009, USA, video, color, sound, 9 min.

Take a ride on this wild riff on The Wizard of Oz. With lushhh costuming, location and props, Ross sets a decadent stage as Dorothy is attacked by acrobatic lollipop guilders and sex-crazed lullaby leaguers. If Coney Island wasn’t seemingly abandoned during this video shoot, the cast may have been carted off to the local precinct or Bellevue. “Eat a Dick,” Dorothy!

skinny TeeTh

Jennifer Reeves

2001, USA, video, color, sound, 7 min.

Appropriated audio from motivational tapes and raw hewn video footage of the exploits of two punk girls creating a disturbance in an Ohio Mall (circa 1988) challenge the great society of the American heartland. A savvy examination of hard-edge adolescent aggression and an attack on ‘proper’ codes of behavior.
The future is yours. – Karyn Riegel, Occularis

I shot my source material, as an Ohio high school punk (1988), in a mall and at home with a few of my queer and rowdy friends. I decided to rescue the deteriorating VHS footage using and emphasizing the signal break-up to effect my degraded memory and hope(-lessness) of youth. I added a layered soundtrack with bits of patriarchal pronouncements, music, and the girls themselves asserting their rebellion with jokes, role-playing and shenanigans at Sears. I kept the tone of the piece true to my perspective of the world at the time. It is sarcastic, biting, and avoids the cliché of looking back on troubled times from a more ‘knowing’ adulthood. The time period depicted in Skinny Teeth was by no means as fun as this particular day captured on video. On other occasions my friends and I were kicked out of the mall, fighting or bored silly! – Jennifer Reeves, 2001

aids camp, or, surViVal inTo The 21sT cenTury

Gary Fembot

2009, USA, video, color and B&W, sound, 26 min.

AIDSploitation has arrived! Experience lazy activists, conspiracy psychics, a commune of free lovers, medicinal non-compliance, mad sex freaks, and toilet brush bathing all at AIDS CAMP! Shot on Super8mm with dubbed sound, Gary Fembot creates a stylized universe packed with Queer culture references, refracting and distorting discourses of queer contagion and resistance.

holy smokes!

Asher Hartman

2007, USA, video, color, sound, 10 min.

Displaying a certain ironic indulgence of repetitious comments on gender, Hartman queers the tired old drag king show, exponentially. This hard look at masculinity shows no mercy and unearths sick and twisted conventions while disregarding acceptable critiques. Holy Smokes! rejects conventional discourse and supplies a much needed catharsis.

2nd & 4Th: an afTernoon aT ‘no elephanTs’

Q.U.R.A.S.H Co-Lab (Queers United Resisting Assimilation into Social Heteronormativity)

2008, USA, Super8mm, color, live sound, 6 min.

From the intersections of pervy identities and peculiar sexualities, this document is presented as an unadulterated exploration in ecstasy. A transman and a non-transman make a home movie of an afternoon indulgence in blood ritual/play piercing. They are observed [out of shot] by a sibling-journalist, and two intimate partners, one of whom films the event. This film is intentionally unedited to preserve the immediacy of the original event. The presentation of this document, with live drumming and artist participation, is an attempt to fashion an inclusive haute-bas community ritual release. The artists performing this piece invite audience participation.