MIX NYC is committed to providing as accessible an atmosphere as possible at our venue, and to being transparent about the reality of the space.


The 2014 venue is elevated and may be accessed by four steps or a 40-ft. ramp that has been constructed for the event.  The ramp is at an 1:12 incline with two level rest landings along the way.


There is an outside smoking area accessed by four steps.


There are two all-gender, single-occupant bathrooms.  The doors for these bathrooms are 30″ wide.  Any chair users for whom that width is not a barrier will find ample turn-around space inside.  The bathroom on the left is equipped with a grab bar.


In the screening room, there will be space for chair parking (BYOC), and plenty of seats with and without arms in a designated ‘access priority’ space closest to the door.


For the Un(dis)sing Our Abilities screening, there will be spaces in the front of the screening room designated for ASL users.  Christine Quinn will be providing ASL Interpretation during the screening.


Screening room is designated as a scent- and chemical-free zone.  As the space is a very old warehouse with a motorcycle garage next door, so there may be faint chemical odors.  Volunteers will be cleaning the space with scent-free cleaner prior to the event, and guests are being encouraged to not use scented products.


Fog will be used in the screening room Tuesday at 7:45, as well as Saturday night in a late night performance.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about accessibility at the MIX venue, please contact us at