Welcome to the MIX Hive! This year’s festival transports you to a honeycomb cathedral of queer ecstasy. We’re back in Brooklyn, doors away from our 2012 space. We’re excited to transform different spaces every year, and for the 27th festival we have over 15,000 square feet dedicated to queer experimental film, installations & performance.

This year MIX NYC celebrates our ability to create intimacy in a private space, something that is quickly becoming an impossibility in the larger world. Where the rest of the world sacrifices privacy and anonymity for the anti-social media and the criminal data-mining efforts of government and corporation, alike and indistinguishable, MIX can gladly say that no rights have been waived for this years festival; nor will we sell you the lie that they need to be in order to achieve our purposes! And so here at last you are, unsurveilled and free to enjoy what peace we’ve sown for ourselves.

Stephen Kent Jusick, Executive Director