We are Mangos

Short Film

Jeepneys and Low Leaf, cosmic parrot sisters of the infinince, forever frolicking upon the nebular fields of the many dimensions we inhabit, intersect heartminds and find a universe of creatures. Together they dance joyfully between the folds of space and time. Low Leaf, an eternally expansive being, Earth’s beloved fairy swung from a crescent moon, beacon of divine ancestoric light force! As she climbs the palm tree of divine destiny she meets Jeepneys on the other side. Jeepneys, the alien bird mestiza, whose laughter creates stars across a void. Eyeing each other through the pyramid of palms, they see that they have been together since before the beginning of time. WE DO NoT PLACE ANY HIERARCHY TO TIME NOR SPACE NOR FLESH. OUR GARDENS LIVE ON METEORS AND MOONS. WE GIVE BIRTH TO UNIVERSES AND THEY GIVE BIRTH TO US.