November 14, 2014 @ 10:00 pm
337 Butler Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
THE INTIMATE EROTIC @ MIX HIVE | New York | United States

Using “intimacy” as a pornographic element reveals new perspectives of kinky queer sex, and exposes the vulnerability in pornography. In BED PARTY, camera crews break the forth wall in a rare look into the bedroom of porn couples. In Heavenly Spire, interviews dictate the performers’ desires and create a humanistic prelude to dirty queer male role play. 3 by Three presents process as product, as a New York based film collective forms while filming a DP initiation. From Australia, a woman’s words are set against visual storytelling to present an honest and raw fantasy in Taken. And long-distance love facilitates closeness in time and lo-tech filmmaking with Baby, You’re Frozen. How does porn, as a film genre, convey physical and emotional intimacies? —Shine Louise Houston, guest curator.

BED PARTY: Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys

BED PARTY flips the porno script with a porno vérité documentary style look behind the private doors of porn performers. Well-known within the kink community, Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys found love and beautifully sordid sex in their queer and pansexual relationship. The camera crew breaks the fourth wall with direct on-camera performer interactions in an all-access and unfiltered glimpse into the personal sex life of this couple. It’s in the comfort of their own home where they expose a deep intimacy and appreciation for each other. Winner of the 2014 Feminist Porn Award’s “Best Boygasm.”

Heavenly Spire: Jack Hammer and Jessie Sparkles

Rough, anonymous sex -- with little negotiation -- occupy Jessie’s fantasies of late and the strong and muscular Jack Hammer is all the more willing to oblige. Part interview, part explicit cinematic fantasy, Shine Louise Houston’s Heavenly Spire is an appreciation project of masculine beauty and how it manifests.

3 by Three

Foxhouse waited impatiently for the last full moon of winter to complete their DP initiation ritual. The convergence of performers and voyeurs got the New York film collective excited, and by the time they shot 3 by Three, they had pretty much decided to formally create a “film house.” Both the process and the product, 3 by Three brought Foxhouse Films to life in a memorable way.


Taken was the first of three films produced by Sensate Films in response to the prompt for a short film competition on ‘female fantasy’. They asked its star Vira compose a short piece of writing about an erotic theme. This fairly open point of departure led to the creation of three very unique sets of imagery and text and three unique processes of filmmaking. The first of the trilogy, Taken explores an abduction fantasy in a raw, honest, and incredibly empowered way. Winner of the 2012 Petra Joy Awards.

Baby, You’re Frozen

Sexuality is increasingly lived through virtual formats. Baby You’re Frozen is a intensely personal and explicit look at the relationship between virtuality and intimacy; how virtual means facilitate connections of the heart and sex across great distances and time zones, but hinders feelings of closeness through digital obstacles. A raw and real portrayal of coping strategies for long-distance love in the 21st century where Skype sex is the best we get, but making love to a screen never satisfies the need for in-person physical intimacy with all of our senses. Selected film, British Film Institute.