The Liberation of Helène Aylon

This intimate film portrait explores how one Jewish Orthodox woman became a contemporary feminist artist. Aylon’s life literally transforms, due to several factors, not the least of which was the feminist movement of the seventies. Still an active artist today at 84, Helène Aylon was raised in Borough Park, Brooklyn, a traditional Orthodox Jewish community. Aylon was engaged to a rabbi at age 17 and didn’t venture towards becoming an artist until her forties. In 1982, Alyon’s ground-breaking artist/activist art project The Earth Ambulance was an all women cross-country trip to “rescue” earth from nuclear testing sites. In another installation, Aylon attempts to liberate G-d. Aylon’s work incorporates everything from process painting, performance art, collaborative public art, installation to video art. This film brings attention to Aylon’s life and work so that the next generation of women artists and others may learn about her work.